Sweat isn’t always leggings’ best friend. I, for one, am not a fan of overheating mid-exercise and feeling the need to peel my workout wardrobe off before my stretches. So, when Under Armour sent me its Iso-Chill Ankle Leggings ($90), you bet I was intrigued to give them a try.

I often do a “stroke test” with leggings, where I’ll feel the fabric with my fingertips prior to putting them on. The “cool to the touch” mostly-nylon material wasn’t ice-cold like I’d imagined, but they felt slightly cooler than sweat-wicking nylon fabric on other leggings from the brand. The Iso-Chill material “helps disperse body heat,” the Under Armour website states, and right when I put them on, I got that cooling feeling. They’re not too tight, which I’m a fan of (I get that from my gymnastics days when I preferred my rhinestone velvet shorts over more-snug spandex any day).

During my 20-minute Peloton hike where we trekked up treadmill inclines and pushed through power walking intervals, I developed a considerable layer of gloss-like sweat, but my legs kept cool even though moisture pooled in my glute and groin areas (we’re all friends here!). The leggings also moved well as I did kickbacks and squats with my booty band afterward.

It’s worth noting that I didn’t fully exercise outdoors in the leggings, so I can’t attest to how they perform in the heat. However, I did hold some squats, lunges, and deadlifts while taking photos. Modeling them in humid 85 degree weather — and in direct sunlight — didn’t make feel like my lower half was sweltering despite the fact that my face, neck, and torso were getting to the point of perspiration.

Now let’s talk about their look: The size small leggings I tested out were a blue shade called “starlight,” but they also come in black, which I most likely would have preferred due to the visible sweat stains in my crotch and butt regions post treadmill hike. Those spots, though, did dry after a bit of time. As for the calf-sized mesh panels, they are breathable and add a sense of style to the leggings.

While I typically do not spend close to $100 on leggings, they might be a worthy purchase for you if you’re searching for cooling pants that let your legs breathe. They seem particularly suited for summer if you’re not opting to wear shorts, too! Plus, they are pretty badass when paired with the matching Iso-Chill Crop Tank ($50) seen on me in the photo above. Who wouldn’t want eye-pleasing clothes with unstoppable vibes to spice up their workouts?

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sam Brodsky

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