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If you are a skinny guy and want to gain weight whiteout going to the gym or using any equipment, this is the video for you! During lockdown a lot of skinny guys struggled to hit workouts, let’s change that!

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Time schedule
Disclaimer 0:26
Full routine 1:27
When to train? 1:51

LISTEN to the explanation of EVERY exercise! 💪

Workout A 2:28
Push ups 2:39
Table row 3:19
Pike push ups 4:13
Pull ups 4:42
Tricep bench dips 5:38
Backpack curl 6:00

Workout B 6:28
Decline push ups 7:37
Wide pull ups 8:08
Shoulder tap push ups 8:27
Bodyweight row reverse grip 8:56
Dips 9:15
Chin ups 9:20

Important points 9:23

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Let’s make these gains! 💪

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