When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit last March, and gyms and fitness studios began closing at a rapid pace, it seemed like everyone I knew was purchasing a Peloton bike. Eventually, I joined them, but not until December when I finally took the plunge and decided to visit a Peloton store. I checked out the bike myself, gave it a test run, and asked a million questions to the two women working in the store that day, before placing my order.

Once my bike was delivered, I made a promise to myself: I was going to get in at least three to four rides a week and start to lose some of the weight I had put on during the pandemic. So far, I’ve kept that promise. Even when the week is coming to a close, and I still need to get in one more ride, I clip in and get it done. Those 30 to 45 minutes are my “me time,” and it’s worth it to show up for myself so I can show up for others.

To me, the best part about getting the bike — other than the fact that it arrived exactly as scheduled — was being able to connect with friends who had bought their Peloton bikes months earlier. We all encourage each other and sometimes plan to ride the same classes together. As I’ve taken more and more classes, I’ve found trainers that I like more than others, and the Disney, Hamilton, and The Greatest Showman rides are also great motivation to keep pedaling.

Since having my bike delivered about a month ago, I’ve lost a small amount of weight, but I know that small amount will add up over time, especially as I get better at riding and get stronger. My clothes are already starting to fit better, and I don’t get nearly as bloated after eating meals. All because I decided to take action and get moving again after almost a year of being unable to keep up with my routine. The Peloton has made staying active so much easier.

My goal for losing weight with Peloton isn’t a fixed number, but simply to feel better in my clothes and my body. My theory is that your weight is just a number, and how you feel and how confident you are in your own skin will always matter more than the number on the scale. So, I’m working to build my strength and my confidence, with a little help from Peloton and a lot of self-motivation.

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