Fitness Workout for Men
The Copenhagen Adductor exercise is often considered one of the best exercises for the groin. It does a great job of training the adductor muscle group in an isometric and isotonic fashion. Traditionally, the exercise is done with a partner holding the top leg. However, you can substitute the partner with a bench of some sort. To modify and make the exercise easier, bend your knee instead of keeping the leg straight. If you want to add difficulty, replace the bench with a suspension system such as a TRX strap. We prefer that the exercise is done with lower reps and to focus more on the quality of the movement. This is a great exercise to sprinkle into a strength routine or to use as a dynamic warm-up.

Key Time Stamps:

1:00 – Find something that is 1-3 feet high with space underneath
1:12 – Place the top leg on the bench
1:19 – Keep your body as straight as possible
1:25 – KEY POINT: maintain proper shoulder and core activation
1:45 – Bridge upwards so that the top leg is about parallel to the floor
1:52 – Bring the bottom leg up and hold for about 1-2 seconds and then slowly lower it back down
2:28 – KEY POINT: it’s important to not have your hips or spine in flexion or extension
2:32 – KEY POINT: don’t let the foot rotate as well
2:45 – MODIFICATION: to make it easier, bend the knee rather than having the leg straight
3:07 – We recommend around 2 sets of 6 reps on each side about 2-3 times a week
3:15 – You can also focus on isometric holds for about 10 seconds
3:26 – To add difficulty, replace the bench with a TRX strap
3:35 – The original exercise involves having a partner hold the top leg
3:50 – If the exercise is too difficult, try to find something that is lower to the ground

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