Fitness Workout
2nd Week Diet Chart :

5:19 : Kammbu & Ragi Koozh –

How to Calculate Your BMR & Calories :

Weighing Scale :
Vegetable Steamer Baskets :
Idly Cooker with Vegetable Steamer Basket :
Lipton Green Tea Leaves :
கருப்பு உளுந்து பொடி :
காய்களை வேகவைக்கும் முறை –
தக்காளி சூப் / Tomato Soup :
Kitchen Weighing Scale :
My Fitness Band : &
Exercise Mat :

2in1 5week Challenge – Week1 Diet & Workout Plan :

Diet Recipes:
FAT Cutter Drink1 :
FAT Cutter Drink2 :
Karuppu Kavuni Arisi Kanji :
7Type of Dosa :
7Type of Juice :
6Type of Salad :
My Full Day Water Fasting :
High Nutrition Powder:
Sukku Malli Karupatti Kappi :
Lunch Menu :
Amla Juice:
Healthy Salad:
Clean Stomach Naturally :

Warm Up and Cooldown :
Upper Body Home Workout :
Lower Body Workout :
தொப்பையை குறைக்க உடற்பயிற்சிகள் :
Full Body Workout1 :
Full Body Workout2 :
Suryanamaskaram :
Yoga For Weight Loss:

Sports Bra:

Sports Shorts:

Exercise and fitness accessories:

Vegetable Steamer Baskets :
Idly Cooker with Vegetable Steamer Basket :

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