Fitness Workout for Women
Cat Kom and Bethany are back and are encouraging all women who are preparing or are currently undergoing menopause to put those sneakers on! In this vlog, they provide their audience with some key tips on hormonal happiness during menopause.

Exercise provides many benefits including preventing weight gain, reducing the risk of cancer, and other diseases as well as strengthening your bones. Impact menopause in a positive way by following these simple steps to improve your quality of life during this tumultuous time.

1) DO CARDIO. Many women experience weight gain during menopause and are more susceptible to contracting heart conditions including cardiovascular disease. One way to ward off calories and diseases is by engaging in cardio, which can range from housework to spinning to running marathons. Spend about 150 minutes or more per week partaking in aerobic exercises in order to ensure yourself a healthier lifestyle.

2) STRENGTH TRAINING IS A MUST. In order to slow bone loss and to prevent fractures, ease into strength training exercises. Strength training, also know as resistance training exercises, include simple bodyweight workouts that exclude equipment such as dumbbells and weights. Set aside time each day for a set of squats, lunges, and sit ups to preserve lean muscle.  Short cut, take a Studio SWEAT sculpt class!

3) STRIKE A POSE. No one’s denying that menopausal symptoms are a drag. How to get rid of those hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue? Drop the hormonal supplements and enter an approach that is natural and proven to treat menopausal symptoms. Yoga’s restorative poses aim to alleviate mood changes and disturbances that are correlated with menopause with ease and comfort. Yoga practices elevate your mood and strengthen your body to support the changes you’re going through.

By following these basic steps, your body and mental health will be much better off while your meeting menopause. Exercise is imperative for women at every stage of their lives, but is arguably even more important during menopause, so hit that bike and sign up for a class at Studio SWEAT onDemand to avoid mistakes that lead to weight gain and to make this trying time more bearable.

Expert Trainer: Cat Kom – Founder of Studio SWEAT onDemand

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