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For a ballet Dancer the Barre is the Beginning…
The beginning of the day, of concentration, of work, of pain, as well as the beginning to love his/her body.

When we step next to the barre, there is a sense of familiarity, a safe place, just like a friend you know, taking you by the hand and that will never let you down.

In Ballet Fitness nothing changes, it’s the same familiarity. Let the barre guide you, be a support, don’t rely on it constantly, rely on your body instead, and when you need a bit of help, you know the barre is there for you.

Whenever you start a Ballet Fitness Barre with me I want you to say out loud “ I’ve got this, I can do it” and your mind and body will take care of the rest.

Barre for a ballet dancer is a sacred place where thoughts get transformed into energy. Once you start your barre nothing else around can touch you and affect your concentration, nor your emotions, nor your fatigued body.

When you start your Barre, Time disappears, It’s only you, in the present moment, planning your actions, predicting your reactions.
Only you in this moment exist, pushed by the rhythm of the music and by the breath of your body.

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