If you want that deep muscle burn, and you want it with low-impact, low-space moves that require little to no equipment, give barre a try. It’s one of our favorite styles of training to challenge your muscles, balance, and stamina, and you don’t need much more than your bodyweight and some sweat. OK, maybe a lot of sweat.)

This full-body Barre3 workout, created exclusively for POPSUGAR by Barre3 master instructor Charo Bishop, does all that and a little bit more. The purpose, Bishop said, is to “build heat, strength, and mobility in your body while moving with your breath and honoring what your body needs in the moment.” This workout can help you get strong, yes, but it also helps to promote mindfulness, creating a deep connection between your body and your brain. And it’s not just one-size-fits-all; there are plenty of ways to modify each move for your level while still getting that good burn.

So if you’re ready for a quick, efficient, total-body barre routine that’ll work your abs, arms, and lower body, keep on reading! And make sure to grab some water and a sweat towel (or two) before you get to work.

15-Minute Barre3 Full-Body Strength Workout

Equipment required: A stable surface, such as a bench, table, couch, chair, ledge, bed, or counter.

Directions: Perform the exercises below in a fluid flow, following the times given. Take the moves at your own pace, Bishop said. “Rest when you need to, push on when you’re feeling strong. Listen to your body.”

The warmup and cooldown are built into the workout, but if you want more, warm up with these dynamic bodyweight exercises and stretch after the workout with some full-body stretches.

  • Upright side lunge with arms in front:one minute
  • Bent-over side lunge with arms to side: one minute
  • Hip-opening three-legged dog flow:1.5 minutes per side
  • Elevated mountain climber to (optional) mountain climber on floor: one minute each, or two minutes elevated
  • Upside-down back body work: one minute on two legs, then 30 seconds for each leg
  • Standing to kneeling seatwork: two minutes per side
  • Figure-four stretch: 30 seconds per side
  • Breathwork: one minute

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