Workout Meals
The pre-workout meal is an important part of nutrition when trying to build muscle. This video will discuss what to eat before a workout, and when.

Specifically, we’ll go through the role of protein, carbs, fats, and fiber with respect to training. We’ll outline how much of each nutrient you need pre-workout, and then I’ll give you some recommendations for pre-workout nutrition, depending on how close you are to working out.


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About me: I’m a medical doctor and natural men’s physique athlete based in Vancouver, Canada. I seek to share science-based perspectives to help people lose fat and gain muscle. These will reflect the current expert consensus in the scientific bodybuilding community. I‘m lifetime drug-free and have been training since 2012.


Disclaimers: Consider seeing a physician to assess your readiness before beginning any fitness program. Information presented here is to be applied intelligently in the individual context. I do not assume liability for any loss incurred by using information in this video.


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