Stuck at home and love energizing, upbeat rock music? Get in 2,000 steps with this 15-minute indoor walking workout from YMCA-certified personal trainer Rick Bhullar. It’s fast-paced, fun, and can be done in a small space in your home. You’ll do lots of marching and step touches, and you’ll love Bhullar’s contagious energy and excitement. This workout is perfect for beginners because he explains every part of the workout, shows which steps are coming next, and also offers modifications.

Moving faster, picking up your feet higher, and using your arms makes your heart rate increase, and in turn, burns more calories, so you can choose the tempo based on your energy level. This is such an easy way to get in a quick workout, and seeing the step count in the lower right corner allows you to see your progress and motivates you to stick with it. So clear out some space and get to walking!

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