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In today’s episode of the breaking muscle podcast, I am joined by Max Moldaschl. Max began his finance career, but found himself tired, stressed, overworked, and heading for burnout.

Many of his friends and colleagues recommended he use CBD oil to try and manage his stress. Despite initially being skeptical of CBD oil, he took the plunge and began using it.

His experience was so positive he began researching it extensively.

This eventually led him to co-found NaturalWorks. Their mission is to harness the hemp plant’s vast untapped potential to create natural solutions to genuine challenges.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is CBD?
  • How is it different from marijuana?
  • What are the potential health and fitness benefits?
  • How NaturalWorks is trying to remove CBD’s stigma and build confidence and trust in their products.

You can follow NaturalWorks on Instagram: @naturalworksofficial and get access to their CBD knowledge base.

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