Fitness Workout for Men
Abs & Core Dancer’s Workout with Billy Blanks Jr. from Club Hip Hop is an explosive, dancer-inspired, ab workout that is designed to strengthen the core, burn fat, build lean muscle, and tighten the abs and obliques through a series of target-toning abdominal exercises. Get ready to sweat, slim the waistline, and sculpt six-pack abs with World-Renowned Dancer/Choreographer, and Fitness Expert, Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife Sharon Catherine Blanks as he takes you through this unique dancer’s workout that involves a combination of standing ab exercises and plyometric-style moves like burpees. Shape a strong and sexy dancer’s body as you crunch away the belly fat and tone the back, legs, arms and chest with this intense segment from the all new “Club Hip Hop” Series, only on the BeFit Channel. This fun and effective workout can be done anywhere and is great for all skill levels. This is a workout not to be missed as you can shape beautiful abs without a single sit-up! Take advantage of Billy’s advanced and eclectic dance background as he brings you to a whole new fitness level. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday for new body-sculpting episodes and get the results that you are looking for! For more hip hop dance workouts, click here:

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