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Each week, publishes a Workout of the Week to give your body and willpower a unique challenge it’s not expecting. Some are short and sweaty. Others are straight-up grinds. Do it any day you can, but get it done by Sunday night, because come Monday morning, it’s gone and a new WOW takes its place! Let us know that you got it done by using the hashtag #bbcomwow and tagging @bodybuildingcom on social, and you can be fitspo for the rest of the world on this page!

January 4-11, 2021

To celebrate the end of a long, brutal year, we’re starting off 2021 with a short, brutal squat challenge from the BodyFit program Triple Threat. It’s not much to look at, but this 5-minute protocol will warp your perception of time like nothing else you’ll do in the gym any time soon.

The instructions are simple: Hit a couple of warm-up sets, building up to a weight you can handle for 15-20 reps pretty easily. Start the timer, and don’t stop repping until it beeps. Don’t count reps—your brain will probably be broken after 2 sets anyway. Just take a video and keep repping!

5-Minute Squat Challenge
Don’t have a squat rack or barbell? Do bodyweight squats, banded squats, goblet squats, dumbbell front squats—any kind of squat where you can bail safely if needed. There are no excuses, and there will be no words coming out of your mouth after you’re done.

Barbell back squat

5 sets, 30 sec. (rest 30 sec. )

Let us know that you got it done!

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