Fitness Workout for Men

Short on time? No workout equipment in sight? No problem!

You can still get a killer, high intensity, full body fat burning workout in – all you need is a few square feet of floor space, and the willingness to pay the cost in sweat.

David Morin from Blue Star Nutraceuticals is running you through something called “Death By Burpees” today. A quick, yet extremely effective, 15-minute fat torching workout that will crank up your metabolism and continue burning fat hours after you leave the gym.

Think you got what it takes to survive?

This is the Death By Burpees Workout! Let’s get to it!

For this workout, you’ll do 3 burpee variations in circuit fashion.

You’ll perform 5 reps of each burpee variation at the top of every minute then have the remainder of the minute to rest.

For example, if you complete 5 reps of each burpee variation within 20 seconds, you will have the remaining 40 seconds to rest and prepare for the next set.

You are allowed no additional rest between exercises or sets. So push yourself.

The goal is to complete as many rounds as possible before you drop.

If you can complete 15 minutes of this – you can place yourself in the category of elite conditioning and performance.

Alright, hit the timer on your smartphone and let’s get going!

Exercise #1: Plyo Push-up Burpees
Burpees combined with plyo push-ups are going to test your full body explosive power, agility and coordination. Jump up as high as possible, then jump back into pushup position, perform an explosive plyo push-up into the air, then jump back to your feet and repeat.

You should push yourself high enough to clap your hands in the air when performing the pushups.

Exercise #2: Burpee Tuck Jumps
Drop to the ground in plank position, body straight like a board, hop back to your feet and explode into the air driving your knees up to your hands around chest height – think speed and explosiveness with these.

Exercise #3: Burpee Mountain Climbers
Drop to the ground in plank position, body straight like a board, then drive your knees to your chest one at a time, performing 2 reps on each side, then hop back to your feet and explode into the air.

And that’s the Death By Burpees Workout! Way to go!

Next time you find yourself using the excuse that you don’t have the time or the equipment, kick yourself in the ass with this burpee workout challenge and remind yourself, winners don’t make excuses.

Tack this on to the end of your workout or perform it as a standalone workout challenge 3-5 days per week in place of traditional boring cardio sessions and you’ll see your muscle definition start to pop in a whole new way.

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