Credit: Stephane Salerno

Discover the magnificent mountains of Andorra with the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord

Five races with different distances and elevation
gain; great and magnificent mountains; all kind of terrains; more than 11 years
of history; runners from more than 70 countries; maximum effort and solidarity.
This is the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord, which takes place from 7 to 12 July in
Ordino. Are you in? Sign up!

Everyone has a place in the Andorra Ultra Trail
Vallnord. From a 75-year-old runner who participated in last year’s Marató dels
cims to couples of different ages who dare every year with Eufòria.

This race, which will celebrate its fourth
anniversary, called Eufòria (233km and 20,000m of elevation gain), is
run by semi-autonomous teams of two people. This great adventure goes through five
peaks above 2,900m and 32 of more than 2,500m. Everyone who joins it will enjoy
the views and the unforgettable experience!

Credit: Stephane Salerno

In addition, you can also choose from other distances
such as the Ronda dels cims. This is the queen test – 170km in
distance and 13,500m of elevation gain – with 16 steps or necks above 2,400m.
The most spectacular panoramic views, alternation of mineral areas, high
mountain meadows, forests and even glacial lakes.

Mític (112 km and 9,700 m of elevation gain),
as the name implies, is a mythical adventure: it starts at 10pm and passes
through the highest point of Andorra, the summit of Comapedrosa at 2,942 m, as
well as other iconic peaks.

Its younger brother, the Celestrail, is 83km and has an elevation gain of
5,000m. It starts two hours later, at 00:00am, under the light of the stars. It’s
a great loop, wild and demanding that will leave you in awe.

Credit: Stephane Salerno

Finally, there is the Marató dels cims, 42.5km and 3,400m of elevation gain,
with large time limits so that everyone can finish it. If you run it, you will
climb up to 3,700 peaks.

At Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord there is also a place
for families and children with two popular solidarity and inclusive marches
open to all audiences. It is the Solidaritrail (10km and 750m of positive slope) and the
Tamarro (2.5km). In addition, when registering, all
runners can donate to one of the three NGOs with which the race collaborates: Autea, Clowns Without Borders or Andorran
Red Cross

If you share the values of overcoming, mountain,
effort and solidarity, Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord is your adventure!

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