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Want to create a training schedule, but have no idea where to start? In this video, let me guide you and give you some tips so you can learn how to make a training plan that suits your lifestyle and sets you up for success. Creating your own training schedule is especially important for beginners. Are you looking to make a training schedule for weight loss? Or maybe how to set up a workout plan for muscle gain? Creating your own training plan is a process, not a one time thing. The best training schedule for you and your lifestyle will depend on many factors. But where do you start when it comes to scheduling your workouts? This video takes you through the whole process of creating a workout schedule that fits your goals. Find out how to schedule workouts for weight loss, muscle gain or running a race. Learn about the importance of rest days. Finally, understand the psychological part of motivating yourself by setting up a personalized workout plan – it will be crucial for your long term success!
Index: 00:10 Why is creating your training schedule so important? 03:40 Choose Your Fitness Goal: The 3 Different Types
03:58 Training schedule for weight loss
05:20 Training schedule for muscle gain
07:08 Training schedule for running races
08:00 Rest days
09:38 Do you really need a gym? + Training locations Follow these tips to stop saying, “Nothing works for me,” and actually take responsibility for the outcome!

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