When I first started writing this yoga review, I was under the covers with my lights dimmed — it was practically midnight after all — and that’s because this blanket yoga flow from Adriene Mishler, RYT 200, made me feel soothed, comfortable, and ready as can be for bed. The 40-minute flow seen above is done lying down and seated, with the most elevated pose being Downward Facing Dog and some low lunges.

While there are portions of the sequence that bring heat to your core and glutes — Bird-Dog Crunches and One-Handed Tiger, similar to Dancer on your knees — most of the flow incorporates slow and controlled stretches that get into the hips, lower back, and shoulders. The bulk of it calls for Savasana as well.

My favorite parts include wrapping one of the blankets around the shoulders like a cape and melting into Cobbler’s Pose, listening to Mishler’s wave-like breathing in Seated Forward Bend (it really does sound like crashing waves), and taking time to massage the arches of the feet. Mishler also talks you through an “I love you breath” at the end, which is essentially a deep breath with intention and a gentle reminder to simply be with yourself. “And you don’t actually have to love yourself or believe it, my darling, but let’s practice,” she noted. “Let’s try it on.”

I recommend using a pillow to support your head, putting at least one blanket down on your yoga mat, and having another handy for when you cover yourself while in Savasana and other poses. Given how relaxed and cozy I felt afterward as opposed to energized, I’m not sure, personally, if I would do this flow in the morning. However, the video was much needed. It felt more grounding than doing yoga poses in bed and took a normal stress-relief flow a step further. It was just plain good — and I’m welcoming goodness with open arms!

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