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Getting an ab workout in with a partner, be it a spouse, friend or even your kids for a little family fun can be a rewarding experience – and make that ab workout a bit more enjoyable!

The exercises in this quick partner ab workout are easy to follow and will give you the opportunities to make the exercises more or less challenging based on where you and your partner’s fitness levels are at. No equipment is needed, so this can be done just about anywhere that you feel like you need a good ab workout or a little fun activity.

The exercises in this quick no equipment partner ab workout are:
1) Sit-up and touch
2) Bicycle crunch
3) Walk out
4) Side plank
5) V-sit circle

Each exercise is done for 60 seconds, though you can easily modify that time to be more or less depending on your needs and abilities. Also, you can take a quick rest between or during each exercise if needed.

The speed during each exercise can also be increased to add a bit more cardio to the workout. Just keep in mind that you need to match speed with your partner to keep good form (and keep your partner from gassing out on you!)

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