Working out at home rather than in a gym can seem limiting, but you really can get in a good workout with minimal equipment. We love disc sliders because they are cheap (you can find them for $10 or less on Amazon), and you can use them to do dozens of exercises (if you don’t have disc sliders, you can use two washcloths on a hard surface or two paper plates on carpet).

Nike trainer and Muay Thai boxer Nesrine Dally, who has a BSc in sports science, shared six moves you can do with disc sliders to improve strength and stability that especially target your core and legs. Dally said not to do these exercises all at once; rather, pick a couple you like and add them to your next workout. She said they can be added to your training program for accessory work or as a primer exercise.

6 Disc Slider Exercises For Strength and Stability

  1. Plank saw
  2. Single slide push-up
  3. Prone snow angel
  4. Reverse plank hamstring curl
  5. Single-leg bridge and curl
  6. Tall kneeling lateral slide

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